Top 6 Tips To Up Your Game With Smartphone Photography & Videography


So you’re wanting to start filming or shooting some awesome photos, but let’s be honest, you don’t have a fancy video setup with audio, video, and lighting. BUT… You’ve got yourself and an iPhone. Not to worry. Here are six helpful tips to guide you in making a great video right from your device.

1. Film your video in landscape, not portrait.

Video is naturally viewed in a 16:9 ratio, a.k.a. landscape. Filming in landscape will make it much easier on the video editor.

2. Use a grid to frame up your video.

The iPhone has an awesome feature that most people do not take advantage of. The Grid. you can overlay a grid on your video to make sure you center or line yourself up for popular filming styles like “Rule of Thirds”. See examples below of how to set this up and an example of the rule of thirds.

3. Keep your footage steady.

When filming, use a tripod to stabilize your shot. Filming with a shake that is unnecessary will cause your audience to wonder “Why didn’t they use a tripod….”. If you have some money to spend, here is a super cheap tripod mount for under $10 from Amazon and if you search “iPhone Tripod”, you’ll get tons of results at different price points. If you don’t have extra cash though, here’s a video all about how to make a tripod from household items.

4. Make your background interesting.

The background is a great way to keep your video interesting. There are two things you want to remember when choosing a background.

1. Keep it simple. Either go with a solid background, such as a muted color wall or make it interesting by filming in a cool space in your home or office. See the examples below.

2. Scout a location unique to you. Maybe you live in a different country or a unique landscape. Use it to your advantage. It’s always fun to see you in places unique to you and new to us!

5. Lighting is CRUCIAL.

Lighting is so important for videos. Luckily, God gave us a gift, natural light. If you can, film outside in a quiet setting or inside near a large window during the day. Natural light is going to give you a more natural and flattering look overall. See the example shot below.

6. Audio takes your video from good… to great.

It’s been said that video is 40% video and 60% audio. Meaning, if your video’s audio is awful, distant, or distorted, your audience will likely disconnect and disengage from your video. The best tip I can give you is to stay close to your device. You want to be roughly 2-4 feet away from your device for the best audio. Don’t film too far back, because your mobile device mic can only pick up so much. Luckily, many companies have made auxiliary audio mics to enhance your iPhone’s audio. These are great investments if you film quick videos like this regularly. See the link below from Amazon:

  • Lavalier Mic – You will need an additional iPhone to place in your pocket to make this happen. Click Here
  • Clip Mic for iPhone – This will plug right into your device, but you may need an adapter if you have an iPhone 7 or higher. Click Here

I hope these top six hints help you maximize your powerful device to make great videos to share! If you have further questions, let us know!


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